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What could be more exciting than designing a space expressing your heart’s desire to make a home for your motoring passion and then Living it.

Now, there is a place where dreams come true for people like you. We’re here to help. This is a process, immersed in imagination and delight.

Where do you begin? Here. Now.

Experience tells us that

successful projects…

… are FUN. Long after the dust settles, what counts in the end, is the enduring satisfaction of creating your one-of-a-kind Garage, all your own, and a space to enjoy and share for your PASSION with others for years to come.

We have a process to help you identify and articulate your needs, desires, lifestyle, aesthetics, passions and budget. Our Design Team works with you to turn your dream into reality.

Get into the habit of clipping magazine pictures/articles, taking pictures, making notes. Keep it all in one place … your Garage Dream Book. Remember, this is your place, housing your cars. There are no wrong answers in what you like. We will help you put it all together.

Sometimes, not knowing where to start can be frightening. Calling 330-576-2161 is a great place to start. We will sit down and make the process easy and fun.  Before making any decisions, call us and ask for our Design Manual, and begin to imagine the possibilities.

If you have your own designers, architects and/or builders or, just want to handle the build-out yourself, that is perfectly fine. We have a design service and general contractor available, if you desire.

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