The Beginning

Since 1993, Jeff has been designing, building and developing million dollar “Homes of Natural Distinction” throughout the United States as Badger Brothers, Inc. Our customers and I share some of the same problems collecting cars. Finding the right space to store them, the right location, the right amount of space, the type of space, the security of the space, the neighbors, the amenities, the list goes on. We would build larger garages (if we could). We would build our own building behind our house (if we could). We tried buying other buildings to store our babies and even tried sharing those buildings with other car collectors. Looking for a house that our wives will enjoy, not too far from the things we like to do, that has the required space for our collections is nearly impossible. We even tried moving and building from scratch on our own site (That created a host of new personal decisions… Is the location close to my wife’s interests, the children’s school,  travel time to jobs?). We could never find that blend of solving our space requirements and sharing our passion with other like-minded car enthusiasts.

Enter Club Motor Estates.™ Club Motor Estates is part Country Club, part Caviar, part Motor Oil. It is the newest, most exciting place to garage our special autos, create the ultimate “mancave” and, a place to socialize with other like minded car enthusiasts…all year long,  You purchase the size garage you need, as a commercial condominium and design it especially for you. This is a purpose-built country club for car enthusiasts.

Jeff and the team he has assembled are businessmen who are car guys. We understand the needs of car collecting. Second, we are a team of serious and experienced Design/Build/Developers who sell and support high net worth customers. Finally, we have proven success. Condominium car storage is not a new idea. The uniqueness is having all the amenities of having a controlled environment, proper electricity, plumbing for bathrooms and kitchens to entertain, the security that is absolutely required to protect our babies, fire protection and, all the clubhouse facilities of a country club. There a several of these types of campuses throughout the country  All of them are successful.

As a company, we are raving fanatics about our commitment to our core values: Rejecting Passivity, Accepting Responsibility, Leading Courageously and, Having everyone share in the Greater Rewards. The Company functions with a highly efficient, talented, innovative and passionate team of stakeholders.

  • Reject Passivity

Rather than avoiding the tough questions. We walk into them. We initiate. This prevents unpleasant surprises and creates trust through uncompromising character, honesty and open communication. This is the adventure to live.

  • Accept Responsibility

No excuses. We strive to be thorough and, when necessary, step up and be counted. Manage expectations well through knowledge and preparedness with integrity.

  • Lead Courageously

People are most important. Every stakeholder and customer deserves dignity, respect and excellence. We are initiators, problem solvers, not problem avoiders.

  • Accept the Greater Rewards

When we put our stakeholders and customers first, great things usually follow. “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Hill

Our Advisory Board

Michael L. Snow

Of Counsel

Professional Activities

  • Miller Holdings Corporation: Director and Executive Vice President
  • Lariat Companies: Vice President
  • MPLSP Hotel Corp.: Director and Vice President
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Trustee
  • rareEARTH, LLC: Director and Co-Founder
  • Drive Power, LLC: Director and Co-Founder
  • Williston Holding Company, Inc.: Director


AV Preeminent, Martindale-Hubbell®

Michael Snow is a lawyer, investor, and entrepreneur. He is currently Of Counsel at Maslon LLP, where he has been since 1976. He became a senior partner in 1979 and in 1993 became Of Counsel. Mike concentrates his law practice in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, finance, and general corporate law.

Gregory Macosko

Member of the Board at MusclePharm

Investment Management

  1. MusclePharm, Corporation,
  2. Montrose Advisors,
  3. Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals
  1. Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC,
  2. Royce & Associates,
  3. Easton Consultants
  1. Columbia University – Columbia Business School
  • Deep understanding of what attracts institutional investors to public companies
  • Seasoned portfolio manager with C-suite officer relationships at 100+ public companies of $300M to $3+B market cap
  • Critiqued investor presentations, business strategy and M&A opportunities
  • Treasurer of a leading professional NYC theater company
  • Developed policy to enhance and speed proxy voting
  • Bring contacts from a 24 year career on Wall Street

Member of the Board

MusclePharm, Corporation

Montrose Advisors

Business Advisor

Bioxiness Pharmaceuticals

  • Business strategy development in anti-infective drugs
  • Investor contact and presentation advice

Board of Directors Treasurer

Primary Stages

Mark Parr, CFA

Founder at TurnBridge Solutions LLC


  1. KeyBank,
  2. Roulston and Co.,
  3. Honeywell


TurnBridge Solutions LLC

Managing Director


Vice President

Roulston and Co.

Sales Engineer



Kent State University – Graduate School of Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Finance, General