So Much More, All Year Long

Club Motor Estates is a great venue! They host Tribute Bands (Bee Gees Gold) and other special events! Great food and service! We will be back with more friends!

Chris M

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Amazing…you have to be a part of this!

"Amazing opportunities here! Can't wait to see all the finished condos. They have a New Beautiful Grand Ballroom and wedding venue, and auto detail shop! If you get a chance you should check it out and meet with the owner!"

Britanny A

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Incredible Garages…A Paradise

"Great clubhouse, full kitchen, cigars/wine, auto detailing, events, ballroom, not to mention the incredible garages. Must see to believe. This is paradise for us car lovers."

Mike B

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Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s, Ford’s, Jaguar’s, everything is here!

"Yesterday, a Lamborghini showed up. If you like automobiles, then this collectors club is for you. Great clubhouse, kitchen, cigars/wine, auto detailing, events. Why not move in to one of the many car condos?"

Ivan D

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Incredible! Amazing! Very Very Cool!

"What an incredible place. I saw a glimpse of one of the new custom garage spaces. Very, very cool. Its going to have a theme of an old road passing by the front of an old gas station, a general store, and a fully furnished and working pub! How cool is that?!!. Definitely the perfect place for the true car collector.
Every individual condo owner will be able to have their own space designed and built to the vision of their dreams, and then show off their big boy and big girl toys they way they should be. This is an amazing location!"

Greg M

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You have to see it to believe it

"I read the beautiful brochures, went through the informative website and talked about it with friends. Until I actually walked the halls, saw the actual garages, experienced the environment, did I begin to understand what this is all about. Club Motor Estates is the most exciting place to be. Where do I sign!"

Dan M

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I finally stopped by and what I saw was incredible…

"My friends told me about this place and after driving by many times, I decided to stop in. This is the Premier Automotive Country Club! There has not been much change to the outside of the buildings. Inside was a different story. It's is beautiful. You walk into this modern foyer with a cool car parked inside. Walking down the hall into the Finish Line Country Club for the members was a place I wanted to be, a bar, soft seating in front of a fireplace, tables for games and conversation, and a game room! I did not see the garages yet and was sold. After seeing the individual garages and the creative design of them, I told my buddies about this place. I can't wait to have them here too.

Steve B

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We drove into the Ballroom, right to our table!

Not only did I have an amazing time with Taylor and Jonathon at their wedding, Club Motor Estates did an outstanding job, the food was magnificent and tastefully displayed, the venue beautiful. The place went wild with the most amazing entrance of the bride and groom, driving into the beautifully decorated Ballroom d'Ellegance in a 1966 Camaro convertable waving and throwing gifts to everyone with the music playing their favorite song. That is how the party started and ended with the bride and groom leaving their reception in the same car. What an outstanding and most memorable party, ever!

Stephanie Photographer