Sweet Life Cafe’




TEMPORARILY POSTPONED due to Phase Two Construction

Where women savor time with other women

It is time for the other half of the car world to have a place of their own.  Club Motor Estates wants to invite you to a luncheon ($20) where you can relax, listen to women speak on a variety of subjects and have a time to connect with one another.

We live in a busy world….Club Motor Estates wants to provide a space for you to call your own.

Sweet Life Café will be quarterly. Make your reservation and purchase your ticket at Eventbrite. (click on link)

Plan ahead and mark your calendars for the next Sweet Life Cafe’:

Victoria McLean

Victoria McLean is a communication coach and beauty expert using her multi-faceted skills and passion for beauty to help reveal and refine women. She believes being a beauty coach means more than changing or creating an outside appearance; Beauty means helping a woman reveal who she is, as a person, an individual.

Victoria has mentored emerging leaders across the nation and now works with women of all ages through her business Candid Class. She has spoken to hundreds of audiences across the United States, and finds home in Northeast Ohio where she lives with her husband, John, and their daughter, Vivian.


[email protected]


Jennifer A. Fox

Jennifer loves to inspire and has a passion to make a difference. Recently she happily accepted a new nickname, “dot-connector”. By day she is a strategic marketing expert with a focus on empowering people, and in her non-job time she is a wife, sister and aunt, and has a desire to help women and young girls be the best they can be.

Throughout her career she managed a frameshop for a nation’s leading fabric and craft specialty retailer, worked for a global color sampling company, was an arts director for a non-profit organization, and currently works in sales enablement and software go-to-market strategies for a global technology company in the financial industry. Her many layers has led her to believe that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a fun spirit!


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