Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Club Motor Estates Country Club?

Unlike most country clubs, Club Motor Estates™ is unique because you must be a car enthusiast and garage owner. Club Motor Estates™ is exclusively for car enthusiasts and collectors who have their own personalized Garage Condominium at Club Motor Estates™. There are year round activities for members and friends at the Club House: social events, food, gatherings, special events, car rally’s, car shows, speakers, regional and national events, and so much more. It is “The” Place to Be if you love cars and love people. The Premier Automotive Country Club.

What are the sizes of the Garages?

These aren’t just any garage. They have extremely spacious floor plans with 18′ foot ceilings and optional second story loft/mezzanine. The lofts are an extremely attractive element to the garage condo itself. Garage condos are like your home away from home but for your cars. The lofts overlook your garage floor and built ready to customize anyway the owner desires. Most garage owners install bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, a great room, theater, game room, etc. These wonderful garage condos have become the “staycation”of your dreams. We have a design team ready to begin customizing your new garage floor plan and loft. The Garage condos come in two basic sizes: 24′ x 40′ (960 sf) and 30′ x 42′ (1260 sf) or combinations of each.  All will accommodate recreational vehicles. For even more information click HERE.

What am I buying and what is included?

In addition to the purchase of your own personal garage condo, you are automatically enrolled and become a member of Club Motor Estates™ Country Club and receive all the rights and privileges of the Club. You will receive a deed at closing. You own to the exterior of all boundary (out walls)  walls and from the concrete floor to the underside of the roof deck. For even more information click HERE.

What about Security?

Full Campus Security

We take security very seriously. In Phase Two, the entire Campus will be surrounded by fence and the only entrance is secure and  gated. A Special password and/or code is given to guests. There are recording cameras for the entrance, every drive, roadway and entrance to every garage unit. Every Condominium Unit is fire alarmed, completely sprinklered and locked mandoor. There are options to have your own personal alarm and video system inside your unit. The Broadview Heights Police are less than one minute away. The most secure location anywhere.

Is there a Clubhouse for Members?

The 3500 sq ft Clubhouse located inside the gated campus, is designed for Club Motor Estates™ and its members. It is used for informal gatherings, parties, social events, dinners, auctions and special occasions. It has outdoor seating area, a courtyard and easy access for all members. There are bathrooms, kitchen, big screen TV’s, fireplace, internet hotspot, casual seating, dining tables and, bar. It is the central social hub of the Campus.

Is there a Ballroom?

Our Grand Ballroom D’elegsnce is 7,500 sf. Large enough for dinner seating of 400 people or auditorium style seating for 850 people. The ballroom comes complete with a full bar, a stage, a dance floor, a disco ball, dressing rooms AND a 9ft car door.  Yes, you can drive your special cars inside the ballroom for your event. All year long we can enjoy our cars while we celebrate inside the Ballroom.

Can I live there?

The short answer is no. These are commercial/industrial zoned condominiums. However, with full bathrooms, kitchens and living areas they are very comfortable and purpose built to entertain.  It is better to come for the weekends. That is why we call the condos, staycations.

Who finishes my garage unit?

We have full capabilities to help you design and build your personal space. You can do it all yourself or you can hire someone else. Click here for more information. Some owners will move in as a “white box” and wait until they decide what they want.

Can I have a business in my garage condo?

Yes, you can. If fact there is a tremendous advantage to have an office located here. Section 179 of the IRS code can provide you with a tremendous tax advantage. That advantage could provide enough savings to pay for about 80% of all costs for the purchase and build-out of your garage unit.

What are the hours of Operation? Any Restrictions?

The Campus is open to all members 24/7 – everyday. The Club House is open every day 24/7. There is a special password and/or code for guests. For Special occasions or Events, please check with the Manager or Website.

Can I come for a tour?

Absolutely. We can talk about all the features and benefits of Club Motor Estates. To see it is to believe it. Since this is a new concept for Northeast Ohio, there is so much to see and experience that a web site cannot do justice.

Are there any Fees?

There  are condo fees. The monthly fee starts at $110.00 per month for the 24’ x 40’ garage. The condo fees includes all landscaping, snow removal, water and sewer, campus lighting, campus maintenance, etc.

Do you have Events?

How about bringing the Bee Gees Tribute Band from Australia on stage at Club Motor Estates? The 50th anniversary weekend gala for the Camaro Club was a memorable weekend.

We have One-Day Car Rally’s to Weekend Car Rally’s, Car Shows Open Houses, “Belle Macchine” and So Much More. You can even rent it for your own private parties and weddings. For even more information click HERE.

All year long

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions. Call 330-576-2161.

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